IIHF Skills4 All Webinars

22 november 202321:15

Door Danny Micola von FĂĽrstenrecht

IIHF second Skills4All webinar

The IIHF is happy to invite you to the Skills4All session with focus on kids recruitment and retention, joining us by Azam Sanaei working for Iran Ski and Winter Sports Federation as Head Instructor of Recruitment and Learn to Play Program. Presenting their success story of recruiting and retaining a large number of kids. Building the ice rink and transfering from inline to ice hockey.

From IIHF initiatives we will present the IIHF Worlds' Girls Ice Hockey Weekend that gives a global opportunity for girls to try out hockey as a new sport. As well as a few other initiatives related to IIHF Global Presence: International Hockey Convention in Sweden 3-5 January 2024, Domestic Development Programs.

Zoom link:
29.11. at 13:00 CET https://iihf.zoom.us/j/8265917...
29.11. at 17:00 CET https://iihf.zoom.us/j/8452392...

Youtube stream link:
29.11. at 13:00 CET https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
29.11. at 17:00 CET https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

You may forward and distribute both links to everyone interested in the webinars (encouraging people to join via Zoom to take part in small group facilitated workshops) - all the clubs, coaches and members of your MNA.

Webinar is on Wednesday 29th of November at 13:00-14:30CET and 17:00-18:30CET